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WWDC: Steve Jobs v/s Tim Cook

The Wait is over, but the excitement is still there. Yes, Its about the WWDC 2012 and surely its may not be the best of 23 WWDC conferences, but it did not disappoint either. Am sure you can find a lot of info on it here at Engadget WWDC 2012 Live Blog.


So, We can never leave the habit of comparing stuff with others, because you the know the value of the product only when you have competition, Right?. So we are going to see in this post certain aspects between this WWDC 2012 and the previous ones run by the Apple’s past Show man – The Steve Jobs.


To make it simple, we will focus on following aspects: 


1. Secrecy:


Tim Cook did mention about doubling down the secrecy @ All Things D Conference, but still Apple could not prevent the features list being spilled out before Today’s WWDC 2012 event.

Here is the question. Did anyone knew about the First iPhone before the WWDC at that time? But on the other hand, Steve jobs was at its best in creating the Pirate teams, except in case of iPhone 4 leak in a bar. 


Having said that, the media right now has grown HUGE (with the arrival of Twitter and establishment of Facbeook) than what it was in 2007 and add to the fact that there is immense spotlight on what Apple is doing virtually each day. With that, we should say Tim Cook & Co. did a good job


2. Presentation:


Tactically, it looks like Tim Cook did not want to come up with his own style and make the show a huge disappointment, Instead he picked the best of the steve jobs slides and wrapped up in a neat show.


Check out this slide.

 Screen Shot 2012 06 11 at 10 04 11 PM


Add to that the opening of the Keynote with Siri. Starting the Keynote with the a Product or an Ad is not new. The Famous 1984 Keynote ( http://youtu.be/RcRQWGFJ5YY?t=3m8s ) where Steve jobs led Macintosh speak for the first time, and then the Famous Ad ( http://youtu.be/w6SXMtmUsX0?t=7s ) where the PC Guy asks developer to go on Off for a year, are few examples of its kind. 


But, If everyone else can copy Apple, then it is absolutely fine for Apple to copy Apple. What do you say?


3. WOW Factor


You just check back the Keynote video and you see there is that Steve Jobs WOW factor missing. There was some great stuff with retina display, Maps, Next Generation Macbook Pro hardware, and so on.

The WOW factor I am speaking is something like these


iPod Nano taken a Smallest Pocket showing its usage. 



They got a Best Macbook Pro, But there was no sense of excitement created around it. Or Let me say they did not exaggerate it. These are kind of additional things which without its existence may not cause harm on Product sales, but would definitely have a positive effect in its presence.


Here’s another piece of Job’s Salesmanship


Introducing Macbook Air kept within a US Post Envelope showing its thinness:



Comparing all the best in the industry is one of the key aspect of Steve Jobs Keynote. As said earlier, the product value is known only when it has a competition and Apple today missed the key thing to compare Macbook Pro with its Competitiors.


Another example, is that they have taken a dig at Window in the past, but this time with the whole new maps, they demonstrated without a word on Google. I wonder if steve could resisted to do that!!


But Having said this, there is no harm done as their products introduced today speaks for themselves.


4. The Naming:


Something has gone wrong with Tim Cook and Co in naming their products. They do the best products but could not come up with best names for it. The ‘The New iPad’ (see the second ‘the’ in my sentence, I hate it) is really awkward. Definitely makes it much more confusing when the next iPad comes out.


And the worse is they did not name or did they really name the Macbook Pro as “Macbook Book Pro with Retina Display’ ?

Even worser, they don’t have the name on the Physical Device. Atleast, I don’t see them on the one displayed in Ads.


Screen Shot 2012 06 11 at 10 55 01 PMPro name


This is such a delicate thing, it acts as an Advertisement and plays a role in word of mouth advertisements for Apple. I always get excited to spot a Apple product in Bollywood and other regional language movies adopted to show the richness of the Character and that moment we feel proud to see the Apple Logo and the name, in case only the display is shown.





There are other minute things like the way Tim Cook slowed down his pace than compared to his iPhone 4S keynote, the humors created by Phil Schiller and Scott on Android, and all these things show that the effort is being made to make the Conference a success.


To complement Tim Cook, He has made One major improvement from his Previous iPhone 4S event where he did not stay on his statistics for too long.


Overall, A decent Job by Tim Cook and Co where they took no risk in experimenting new ideas in Keynote and were pretty happy in demonstrating the tested and successful methods of presentations. Having said, it is hard on them to expect a new stuff in such a short time, and the fact that Steve Jobs Legacy has created a Halo effect in our minds. In that regards, Its a Job Well Done.


In Simple words, Their amazing products drove the show for themselves.


I wish Tim Cook & Co, and Apple All the very best 🙂




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