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An Idea for replacement of TweetLonger!

Hey Folks,

Just got this crazy idea which I would like to share.

I was just annoyed for the way we have to read the tweets with 140+ characters. With most of the twitter clients ( almost all ) it takes the user to a website to read the whole tweet which in the process is truncating the user experience of reading the tweets within the client and disconnecting the user from the twitter client.

With due respect for 140 characters limit twitter has placed, we could use below trick to solve this issue. This trick uses the in-reply-to feature of the twitter and the ability of most twitter clients to align the chain of tweets (tweets which have been originated as a reply of other tweet) in a linear fashion which helps read the broken tweets without any fuss.


Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 8.51.57 PM.png

Fig: A Snapshot of Linked tweets from Twitter for Mac Read the text in the image excluding the twitter handle (i.e. bharath2020) at the start of each tweet.


Screen shot 2011-11-09 at 9.10.31 PM.png

Fig: One more way of displaying linked tweets by Twitter Application for Mac


This trick could be deployed in all twitter clients with the user typing the whole tweet and twitter client will takes care of breaking the tweets and creating a link between them,

Let me know what do you think of this.


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