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10000 HITS!!

Hey Folks,

This blog just got its 10,000 hit and thank you each one you who have shown good support towards this blog. I think this is just the beginning. Just to give some stat on this short journey, the most liked posts in this blog are

Efficient Memory Handling in UIViewController-Part 1

iOS Open Folder Animation

And Apologize for not updating this blog for past 5 months, I have bee caught up in too many things viz ICC Cricket World Cup 2011(hey India Won it 🙂 ), IPL (RCB made it to Finals) and shifting focus to Android OS.

And lately, burnt my fingers by updating iOS 5 Beta onto my iPad ( unofficially the iPAd 1), and after experiencing its flaws (I don’t like it being tagged as BETA) tried to restore it to 4.3.3 successfully( in an ugly way ) but none of the third party apps are working anymore.

If you are planning to upgrade to iOS 5 BETA, then I would say spend your valuable time onto something else, and if you are still want to do, Make sure you BACKUP YOUR DEVICE before attempting it.

Will get back to you sooner.

All the Best!!

Happy Coding 🙂


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