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Efficient Memory Handling in UIViewController-Part 2

In the last post we discussed about the skeleton of a typical UIViewController which handles memory warning efficiently.

In this post, I will provide you Xcode Templates of a UIViewController, which takes care of all these things we have discussed earlier here, thus making our Lives easier.

Following steps explain How to add these templates:

  • Navigate to Developer->Platforms->iPhoneOS.platform->Developer->Library->Xcode->File Templates->Cocoa Touch Class Folder
  • KEEP A BACKUP OF "UIViewController subclass" folder
  • Download the zip filehere
  • Unzip the file and replace the “UIViewController subclass” folder with the new one

    Please note that these templates works for UIViewControllers created with File->New File option

    Thats it, there should be no more hassles with Memory now!!

    Happy Coding!! 🙂


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