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Retaining IBOutlets in iPhone is Mandatory or Is This a Bug

Its been a long time since I’ve worked on a Mac Project, But yeah today I needed to re-visit the Basics..

This post is upon “In our pre- @property era, Were we releasing the Objects created in Nib (or Xib now) i.e the one’s preceded with IBoutlet?”

I suppose, it should be released automatically when it Nib get destroyed.

However, I found out a Strange BUG which was eating up memory in one of my project.

We were referencing an UIImageView which get instantiate via Xib, and unfortunately we neither did declare any @property(retain) for this reference, nor we did release it in dealloc.

Here’s the


This UIImageView was holding an Image (of very large size) and when UIViewController it belongs to was getting destroyed
This one lived throughout the application lifetime, accumulating the memory.

I just somehow found out this issue (mind you, it took around 8+ hours) and resolved this by
1. adding a @property(retain) for this reference
2. Make sure I release when this associated controller gets released

This did work, and it Took me by SURPRISE!! Ask me why?

Because, as per the Theory goes, Every retain/alloc should have its corresponding release,

If you observer my solution, I just have retained the UIImageView only once and also I release it only once.

But if I don’t add this @property(retain) It is never destroyed, and STRANGEly this is not recorded as a leak.

So something’s happening there Internally, which is hidden and should be a BUG,



Check out the Sample Source demonstrating this BUG here


More Explanation Here


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